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Dr. Silvaroli trusts patients and family with Dr. Galea and Northern Nevada Oral Surgery.

Dr. Silvaroli refers his patients to Northern Nevada Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Silvaroli's Story

"I refer my patients to Dr. Christopher Galea I know that the way in which I treat my patients will be emulated through all the care with Dr. Galea and his staff. Dr. Galea is hands down one of the best specialists I've had the opportunity to work with. Dr. Galea does boast some of the highest credentials, and some of the greatest aptitudes. I know that we've got a very similar approach to our treatment planning, and our attention to detail, and the way in which our patients are cared for. I've got the utmost confidence in Northern Nevada Oral Surgery, and Dr. Christopher Galea to send even my own family here. "

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