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Dr. Schiro refers patients to our practice because she knows they will be well taken care of.

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Dr. Schiro's Story

"I refer patients to this practice because it's a great team and they've treated my patients very well for many years and I will continue. Both Dr. Curtis and Dr. Galea are phenomenal surgeons. We communicate with them constantly, and they're always willing to take care of our patients and get them in as soon as possible. My patients have had nothing but great reviews on both Dr. Curtis and Dr. Galea. My dad did have a facial trauma, and Dr. Galea was the first person I called. This practice is amazing, and I tell my patients every day how thankful we are. We are very lucky to have Dr. Galea and Dr. Curtis in Reno. Our patients are very well taken care of, and I enjoy working with this office."

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