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Oral Reconstructive Surgery

Restore Lost Tissues of the Mouth, Jaws, and Face

The goal of oral reconstructive surgery is to restore the tissues of the mouth, jaws, and face. This term may be used for a number of different surgeries of varying complexity, such as major bone grafting in the jaw to treating areas affected by oral cancer.

Dr. Galea and Dr. Hammon are board-certified oral surgeons who specialize in oral reconstructive surgery. If you need oral reconstructive surgery, please contact one of our offices in Reno and Sparks, Nevada, for a consultation. Our state-of-the-art offices are equipped with the latest technology, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to provide exceptional care every step of the way.

Types of Oral Reconstructive Surgery

Oral reconstructive surgery can mean several different procedures. The type of oral reconstructive surgery you need will be determined by your oral surgeon during your consultation, who will design a treatment plan based on your needs and goals.

Block grafting. When a ridge augmentation is not enough to restore bone, a block graft may be recommended. During a block grafting procedure, your surgeon will take a section (“block”) of bone from another part of your body and affix it into the alveolar bone using screws. Over time, the block of bone will integrate with the existing bone to create a sufficient foundation for a dental implant.

Free flap tissue grafting. In cases involving oral cancer, free flap tissue grafting can restore large areas of the jaws and face by transferring one area of tissue to a new area where more tissue is needed. The soft tissue to be transferred may come from the patient’s own body, and will be carefully selected to match what is needed at site that needs more tissue. Your surgeon will place the graft using microvascular surgery, which will connect the blood vessels and nerves to restore blood supply and sensation to the area.

Types of Anesthesia

There are three main types of anesthesia that we use at our practice:

Oral Reconstructive Surgery in Reno and Sparks, NV

If you or a loved one require oral reconstructive surgery, we encourage you to contact one of our practices in Reno and Sparks, Nevada. Our surgeons are board-certified and specialize in oral reconstruction. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to providing you with exceptional care.

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