Did you know...

  • Wisdom teeth are the only teeth that don’t form before birth.
  • Wisdom teeth are the last of the 32 adult teeth to develop and erupt.
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted (they cannot erupt completely) can cause problems in your mouth and sinus.
  • Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars.
  • Wisdom teeth growing in at the wrong angle may press against other teeth, causing them to become misaligned.

Northern Nevada Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is proud to announce our first Wisdom For Wisdom program recipient. This program provides free wisdom teeth removal to a student, helping to offset some of their college expenses, like textbooks.

Matthew, 20, from Reno, is a student at Colorado State University. In his application, he wrote about how hard he has had to work to pay for his living expenses and education while at school. He also wrote about how COVID-19 made it more difficult for him to find a part-time job and forced him to dip into his savings more than he had planned. He finished by writing, “A lot of stress and concern would be lifted if I was selected for the Wisdom For Wisdom program due to the circumstances I've endured this past year.”

We look forward to helping Matthew maintain his oral health as he achieves his educational goals.

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