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Dr. Galea and everyone at Northern Nevada Oral Surgery were helpful and friendly!

Ashley is the mother of Plagiocephaly patient in Reno, NV

Ashley's Story

"Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm from Reno, and I came to Northern Nevada Oral Surgery for my son to have a consult for plagiocephaly or a misshapen head. Coming through the doors the office is very welcoming, everyone has a smile on their face, and I felt very comfortable right away. Dr. Galea really has been an amazing addition to the Reno community. He is just so friendly–always willing to help, but his education is phenomenal, and it felt very comforting, almost as if a friend was taking care of my son. The staff here is very helpful and friendly, and put us at ease immediately with making appointments and getting everything aligned. To my friends and family in Reno and Sparks, I highly recommend Dr. Galea. "

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