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Miriam believes that bringing her daughter to Dr. Galea for a cleft palate procedure was a smart choice thanks to his ability to put her at ease, answer all her questions, and offer kindness throughout the process.

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Miriam's Story

"Hi, I'm Miriam from Sparks and we had a cleft palate procedure with Dr. Galea. When we came to see him at his practice, everyone was so welcoming and meeting him was so relieving. He had so many answers to our questions and he put us at ease with what we were dealing with and he is by far the absolute kindest. Has the best bedside manner I've ever encountered. I think everybody in our immediate circle knows about him at this point, um, and so anytime we're like, if you even need just oral surgery, this is the guy. He's just the absolute best. I recommend Dr. Galea to other patients. Absolutely. "

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