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Mariah’s orthognathic surgery with Dr. Galea has given her a boost in confidence.

Mariah underwent corrective jaw surgery in Reno, Nevada

Mariah's Story

"Hi, my name is Mariah and I’m from Reno, and I came to Northern Nevada Oral Surgery to get orthognathic surgery. The atmosphere at this practice is very warm and inviting. Everytime that I walk in here, I’m greeted very well by everybody and everyone is very, very friendly. Dr. Galea is one of the best surgeons and just medical providers in general. He answers all of my questions whenever I have them and is just a very personable guy. The procedure was very successful. After the surgery, I have experienced a boost in confidence. I find myself smiling way more. To my friends and family in Verdi, come see Dr. Galea."

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