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Erica’s daughter needed treatment for facial trauma. She is able to speak today thanks to Dr. Galea and his remarkable care.

Erica is the mom of a facial trauma patient in Reno, Nevada

Erica's Story

"My name is Erica and I’m from Reno. I came to Northern Nevada Oral Surgery for my daughter to have facial trauma surgery. My daughter was hit by a car. Her jaw was broken in two places. Dr. Galea put my mind at ease by explaining the procedure precisely, giving me lots of hope that everything was going to go very smoothly. The work that Dr. Galea did on my daughter was truly remarkable, and thanks to him, my daughter is able to talk today. Dr. Galea has changed my daughter’s life for the better, and I am super thankful for him. As a mom, I highly recommend Northern Nevada Oral Surgery."

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